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Dreamed By

Handmade Boutique of Unique Designs.

About Us

We are a group of creative designers that we do every step of production in our atelier with the artisan perspective of our community.

During the days of the pandemic, we found a way to reach your desire with every model that we have created with fabric, silver, wood, bamboo, and any materials we have created "dreamed by".

Dreamed by, is the fountain of dreams that are created by the creator. In every section of the shop, you find special artwork by our members. So the creations are named as their motto, name, or nickname and come into the Dreamed By The Member of the shop, who really create with his/her imagination into a product. 

Maybe you can find something similar elsewhere but in the Dreamed By shop, you will only find the design that you are looking for, or that you have the dream of.


Your satisfaction is our priority, please do not hesitate to contact us, for any question, any custom order and sometimes without any reason only to say "hi" We are always here to try to answer all your comments.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 



A+ Handmade 

The materials that we are using in our handmade production period are always A+.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly

Every order from you turns into a sapling Donation Campaign.

Dreamed By "Love"

All the designs created by our creative team are inspired by "Love" and product with the power of love.

Recycled Packing

In our shipping services, all the packing materials are made of recycled materials.

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